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Korean Traditional Houses


IKCF was founded in 2010 to commemorate the Korean-American history, which began on January 13, 1903, when 102 pioneer immigrants arrived in Hawaii from Korea to work in the sugar cane plantations. In 2003, the United States House of Representatives and the Senate declared that landmark day “Korean American Day" (H. Res. 487, S. Res 283).  Following suit, the City of Irvine, California, permanently recognized January 13 as “Korean American Day” (Item 6.4 Jan 8th 2008).

Korean Drum Performance


Now, Korean-Americans number nearly 3 million, contributing to America at all professional levels and in their communities. IKCF’s mission is to share the Korean culture with the entire community and beyond by showcasing its customs, heritage, arts and cuisine in order to promote peace and harmony among the people of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. IKCF is an enriching event that showcases the best of Korean culture in America. 


With a vision of improving cultural understanding and building a sense of global community, IKCF plants the seeds for cultural awareness locally and abroad through the exhibition of traditional and modern Korean art, food and culture – as we like to call it K-Pomp.

KPop Dance Moves
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